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If you missed this morning’s Mindbender or the Mind Bend Againder  we have provided you with a list of answers so you can stay up-to-date.
Ray Turner morning Mindbender for Monday February 19th

Q: according to people that study this kind of thing about 200 of these go to work every night at Disneyland what are they?

A: cats
They’re about 200 feral cats that roam around Disneyland at night taking out the rodent population. Congratulations to Adela.
The morning Mindbender againder at 8:20
Q: it’s illegal to make, sell or even have possession of this party favor in Mobile Alabama
What is it?
A: confetti
Congratulations to Kim at DMV in Elizabeth City.

Q: study this kind of thing Google did not originally own G mail it

Who did it belong to?
A: the cartoon character Garfield
Fans could go to Garfield website and get their own at gmail address so they can communicate with the cartoon character. Congratulations to
Lindsay from first flight Middle School.
Ray Turner morning Mindbender Friday February 16th.
Q: according to people that study this kind of thing the movie Stargate back in 1994 was the first movie to have one of these.
What was it?
A: an official website.
Ray Turner morning Mindbender for Thursday February 15th

 Q: According to people who study this kind of thing, half of your ice cream is just this… When is it?

A: hey there… Half of your ice cream is just air congratulations to Daniel .
Q: according to people that study this kind of thing this country eats more Donuts than any other country in the world what country is it?
A: Canada. Congratulations to Eric fulks.


Your morning Mindbender for February 13th

Q: this was an Summer Olympic sport from 1900 until 1920 what is it?

A: tug of war. Congratulations to Lynnwood.
Q: this is the only American city founded by a woman what city?
A: Miami it was founded by a citrus owner by the name of Julia Tuttle.
Congratulations to Jamie from Jamesville.


Morning Mindbender for Monday February 12th

 Q: she was the first solo country music artist to score a number one hit who was she?

A: Kitty Wells. With the song it wasn’t God that made Honky Tonk Angels. Congratulations to Glenn
From Elizabeth City.
Q: when watching Jeopardy it would appear that all of the contestants have this in common what is it?
A: they are all the same height.
All the contestants on Jeopardy stand on platforms that are are Justin to make sure they’re all the same height. Congratulations to
Steve Elizabeth City
Morning Mindbender for Friday February 2nd

Q: According to people that study this kind of thing this country has a larger population than every other country in the Western Hemisphere combined what country?

A: India. congratulations to Doug
Q: according to people who study this kind of thing at there have been two US presidents with the middle initial S…. As Truman and Ulysses S Grant in both cases the S stood for what?
A: nothing. Congratulations to
Sam calling from Kitty Hawk.


Morning Mindbender for Wednesday January 31st

Q: according to people who study this kind of a thing one out of every nine Americans has worked here. where is it?

A: a convenience store. Congratulations to
Q: according to people that study this kind of thing these 7 u.s. presidents Andrew Jackson, Zachary Taylor, Millard Fillmore, James Buchanan, Abraham Lincoln, Ulysses S Grant and James Garfield have this one thing in common. What is it?
A: they were all born in log cabins.
Congratulations to Kaylee.
Morning Mindbender for Tuesday January 30th

Q: according to people who study this kind of thing Popeye’s Chicken isn’t named after the cartoon character is named after this popular actors character in a movie.

A: Gene Hackman his character and Jimmy Popeye Doyle in The French Connection. Congratulations to Scott of colington Harbour.
Q: according to people that study this kind of thing the town of Morton in Central Indiana creates 80% of all this canned food can we eat what is?
A: canned pumpkin, Libby is the most popular brand of canned pumpkin and they do all of the harvesting and canning in Morton.
Congratulations to Patty of Elizabeth City.
Morning Mindbender for Monday January 29th

According to people who study this kind of thing there is a 19 Mile Stretch in this state where the signs only use kilometers not miles it’s a relic from The Carter Administration when they were trying to get the US to switch to the metric system and there’s still no plans to change them what state are we talking about?

A: Arizona
Congratulations to Jeff Terry
 Q:according to people who study breathing air from this city for just one day is the equivalent of smoking 100 cigarettes what city?
A: Mumbai
Congratulations to Elaine.


 Morning Mindbender for Friday January 26th

Q: among the many trademarks from the motion picture Star Wars there is a sound Mark which is a trademark on sound what sound is it?

A: the sound of Darth Vader breathing is trademarked
Or sound marks… Which is a trademark on sound congratulations to carleigh from Nags Head Elementary
Q: Charles Schulz is a member of this Sports Hall of Fame even though he never played the sports what Hall of Fame is it?
A: the US Hockey Hall of Fame even though he wasn’t in the Hall of Fame he did a lot of ” Peanuts”
Strips about hockey so they included him. Congratulations toI


Morning Mindbender for Thursday January 25th
1/25 7:20 am

Q: who was our shortest president?

A: James Madison was our shortest president he stood only 5 foot 4.
Congratulations to Conner.
1/25 8:20 am
Q: Longacre Square was located in this city up until 1904 when it was renamed.
 What is the city?
A: New York City. In April of 1904 it was renamed Times Square after the New York Times moved its headquarters there.
Congratulations to Jeff Terry


Morning Mindbender for Wednesday January 24th.

Q: French is American mustard is owned by a company from what country?

A: a British company
Congratulations to Dustin
Q: every president since FDR has been named Time magazine’s person of the year at least once except for this president?
A: Gerald Ford
Congratulations to Reggie
Tuesday  January 22nd at 7:20 am

Q: according to people that study this kind of thing this animal injures more zookeeper than any other

A:  Zebras and you’re more zookeepers than any other congratulations to Charlotte from Columbia North Carolina.
820 question
Q: there are only two species that engage in all out war against fellow members of their own species humans and what?
A: Ants…. congratulations to Ethan from Edenton North Carolina.
Monday January 22nd at 7:20 am

 Q: according to people that study this kind of a thing the British had 500,000 of these enlisted in their army during World War 1 what were they?

A: Cats, they were enlisted to kill rats on ships and at bases. Congratulations to Marianne from Southern Shores
Your grand High poobah for Monday morning January 22nd.
Monday January 22nd at 8:20am
Q: there has been a version of this magazine printed in Braille every year since 1970 what is it
A: Playboy is printed in Braille it doesn’t have any photos so you are literally getting it for the articles. Congratulations to Kaitlyn
Your grand High pool at 8:20 for the morning  mind Bend againder.
Morning Mindbender for Friday January 19th

Q: in the movie The Wizard of Oz the scarecrow’s cost you as well as the wicked witch’s broom were made from what?

A: Asbestos
Congratulations to Eric he was your grand High poobah this Friday morning January 19th.
Morning Mind Bend againder
Q; Neil Armstrong in the crew of Apollo 11 had to fill out these forms before they can land back on Earth what were they?
A: custom forms
Congratulations to Corey from Powells Point,
Your grand High poobah at 8:20 on Friday January the 19th
 Morning Mindbender Wednesday January 18th

 Q: according to people that study this kind of thing Taco Bell was able to create 15,000 new jobs because of this product being so successful what was it?

A: the Doritos Locos Tacos
Congratulations to Shelly from Snug Harbor she was your grand High poobah.
Your morning Mind bender Againder @8:20
Q: Hawaii has been virtually all of these since 1927 what is it?
A: billboards
Congratulations to Mary Clark
You’re a grand High poobah
At 8:20
Tuesday February 16th Morning Mindbender  7:20 am
Q: you can get a Starbucks coffee and CIA headquarters but you can’t get this?
A: your name on the cup.  they don’t put names on cups at the CIA Starbucks to protect identities . Congratulations to Summer she was the Tuesday Morning Grand High poobah at 7:20 am
Tuesday Morning February 16th  at 8:20 am
Q:  the person that invented instant coffee shares a name with one of our presidents who is it
A: George Washington
Congratulations to Kevin the grand High poobah at 8:20

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