You’ll Commute 173,000 Miles in Your Life

Apologies in advance if this makes you want to quit your job and become an explorer.  Sure, that hasn’t really been a viable career since the 16th century, but whatever.



A new study figured out some stats on how much you’ll commute in your life, and the numbers are insane.



The average American will . . .



1.  Commute to and from work about 11,250 times over their career.


2.  Spend 408 days of their life in their car for those commutes.


2.  Spend $108,727 in gas and maintenance.


3.  And drive 173,203 miles.  That’s the equivalent of driving around the world seven times.



(Educated Driver)



(You can find out the specifics in terms of miles and cost for around 100 different cities on this interactive map.)

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