We make fun of all the country stars opening bars in Nashville, but the truth is . . . it’s pretty cool.  Especially because there’s always a chance they’ll do a popup show, like BLAKE SHELTON did on Wednesday at his Ole Red club.

It sounds like he brought it, too.  He put in over two hours, and took a bunch of requests.  If there was an ulterior motive, it’s because he’s hitting the road next month . . . and a tune-up is always good. 

He told the crowd, quote, “I’m just trying to do songs I think I should remember, and I think I’m doing pretty good.  I swear that’s why we’re down here.  We’ve got a tour about to start up, so it doesn’t hurt for me to re-learn some of my old stuff.  

“There’s a good chance I could screw some of this up tonight.  But who cares, man?  Get a drink.  Get me a drink.  Get them a drink.  Let’s just have some fun.”

There were also guest appearances from former “Voice” contestants RaeLynn and Pryor Baird.  The Ole RedInstagram page posted a 20-second clip of Blake singing . . . you guessed it, “Ol’ Red”


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